Ilan Hasson was born in 1958 in a Moshav in central Israel.

He began his artistic career at the age of sixteen, at the Avni Art School in Tel-Aviv, where he graduated with honors. He continued his studies at the Tel-Chai School of Art in the Galilee region.

Ilan's artistic themes are based on Jewish subjects from the Bible, the Talmud, the Passover Haggada, the Kabbalah and the landscapes of Israel.

Since 1986 he developed a new style, which emphasizes the coloring and Ambiance of the Mediterranean. The unique layout of his Originals paintings is routed in his multi-layer technique, thus allow him to tell a story with dept and gently guide you through his creations. Ilan's paintings appear vibrant in colors, their glowing hues are applied on figures inscribed in gold and silver, creating a dance of rounded forms and shapes. "I offer a path for you to walk in, there is no destiny, only dept". Ilan Hasson works in a variety of techniques such as water colors, Goash, Acrylics, Japanese ink and Enamel colors. He also incorporates the use of hand made paper in the paintings, which becomes an integral part of the Original.


Jerusalem - Bruno Gallery, King David Hotel

Tel-Aviv - Kimchi Gallery, the Kshatot Gallery

Old Jaffa - The Israeli Experience

Herzelia - Daniel Hotel

Paris, France - Antoinette Gallery Marseille

France - The Jewish Medical Center Antwerp

Belgium - Romi Coldmunts Gallery

Munich, Germany - Comic Gallery

Istanbul, Turkey - Profeelo Gallery, Cozien Gallery

Tssaloniki, Greece - The Jewish Community Center

Athens, Greece - Athens Imografy Gallery

New-York - The art Expo, Besalei Gallery, Nouveau art Ltd

Boston - Sheraton Hotel

Bueos Aries Gallery

Chicago - East west Gallery, Curtis A. Turner Gallery

Miami - The Jewish Community Center

Connecticut - Cunton Signature Gallery, Bridgeport Community Center

Michigan - Danielle Peleg Gallery

Montreal, Canada - West Bloomfield, Windsor Community Center

Mexico city - Diaz Diaz Gallery

Caracas, Venezuela - Ashtree Ferrera Gallery Valletta

Malta - The fine art Museum

Cairo, Egypt - CSA Maadi

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