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Yearly Havdalah set
Details of the wine cup, spices holder, Torah portions markers and the vine's leaves that hold them:
Yearly Havdalah set

Copyright 1998 by Avi Biran

54 markers with the name and first words of each Torah portion are placed on six wooden rods. The six rods represent the six days and a middle rod representing the Shabbat, holds them together. On top of the middle rod is a holder for the Havdalah candle "...like the light of the seven days..." (Isaiah 30, 26). The Torah portions are placed on the rods in a spiral starting from "Bereshit" climbing up, around and around, up to 'Simchat Torah' and "VeZot Habrachah" portion. The wine cup is designed as grapes with a cover for the spices. The cup is moved from week to week to the following Torah portion and in this way you can see its position in the year. The forth blessing in the Havdalah ceremony is visualized by taking out this week's vine leaf from its place and allowing the Torah portion ring to fall a couple of inches as marker.

Sterling Silver, Copper, Wood, 5" x 5" x 48"


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