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The Twin Towers Medal

Design: Avi Biran

The Israel Coin and Mint of the Israel Government has issued a medal commemorating the tragedy of September 11, 2001. One side of the medal shows the New York skyline as it is seen from the Statue of Liberty. The city buildings are raised while the Twin Towers are sunken. This expresses the sadness at the void which was created where they were once located and stresses the scar caused by their absence. The words "Forever Remembered" express the great loss of human life. They remind us of the Firemen, Policemen, EMT workers and all the innocent victims who needlessly perished. Next to "Forever Remembered" appears the infamous date of September 11. An elongated number 11, resembles the Twin Towers and shows the combination "911," which is the nationally recognized emergency number. On the bottom half of this side of the medal is a row of 18 (Chai) flowers which is cut short just as many lives were taken away from us and cut short. In addition, flowers have an element of mourning but at the same time as they bloom and grow they depict life and optimism in the future. The two halves of this side of the medal are connected with words "United in Democracy". The letter "U" continues directly from the structures of the Twin Towers and appears to come out of them. The letters "U" and "D" intertwine as open and closed chain links. The tragedy gave rise to a unity among nations and we are linked for the purpose of preserving world Democracy and for eradicating Terrorism. The other side of the medal depicts the arm of the Statue of Liberty confidently holding the Torch of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and the American dream. Encircling the arm are the words of George W. Bush, the President of the United States, " Peace and Freedom will prevail."

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