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(Charity Box / Esther Scroll Case)

"... a man should get drunk at Purim until he would not be able to know between cursed Haman to blessed Mordecai."
(Megilah 7)

"...and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor" (Esther 9, 22)

Haman and Mordechi Purim box

Copyright 2002 by Avi Biran

A rectangular box with four sides. The front two sides show the 'good' with the smiling face of Mordecai while the other two sides of the box show 'evil' with the angry face of Haman. These two colored faces as two colored masks reflect the joy and spirit of Purim. The picture above shows two boxes each showing one of the two faces. During Purim we are obliged to read the Scroll of Esther and to eat a special festive meal, drink wine, and be happy. We are obliged to give charity to the poor so that they will be able to have the festive meal as well. This Judaica object can help us to fulfill both these duties. By opening the hat we can place the Scroll of Esther (Megilah) inside the box or, alternatively, we can put money inside and use it as a charity box. The box is large enough to accommodate a wine bottle. The ears function as handles to carry the box.


Sterling Silver, Fabric, Colored Resin, 3" x 3" x 9" (12" with the hat)


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