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"...And my prayer came before You, into Your holy Temple"

(Jonah 2, 8)

Jona in the fish Breast Plate

Copyright 2005 by Avi Biran

The Torah breast plate depicts Jonah inside the fish. Jonah is praying to G-d asking for his prayers to be accepted. Jonah's head and the eye of the fish are alligned vertically with the intention that they are in a straight line under G-d. During the seven days of creation G-d blesses three times. He blesses the fish, mankind and the Shabbat. The three stones on the fish's tail are symbolic of these three blessings. The word "Va-Yeva-Rekh" (and He blessed in Hebrew) is written in between Jonah's open arms, representing his complete, humble surrendering to G-d's will. This is the ultimate breast plate for the Yom Kippur services.

Sterling Silver, Patinated Copper, Semi-precious stones

9" x 9" x 0.5"


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