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"...With a magnificent crown of gold..."

(Esther 8, 15)

Jerusalem of gold

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“Jerusalem of Gold” is the name of a beautiful piece of jewelry, given by noted Talmudic scholar Rabbi Akiva to his wife Rachel, daughter of Kalba Savua, upon the rabbi’s return from years of studying Torah. Legend has it that Rachel married the rabbi to the great chagrin of her father, a wealthy Jewish man named Kalba Savua. Kalba Savua left his daughter penniless, and she and her new husband lived in shameful poverty, sleeping on a bed of straw. In the mornings, when Rabbi Akiva arose, he would pull straw out of his devoted wife’s hair, and promise that one day they would fare better and he would be able to afford the priceless gem. And Rabbi Akiva’s promise came true. Late in life, he began to immerse himself in his studies, and after many years, he returned with 24 thousand pupils in tow. Only then did Kalba Savua accept him as a revered son-in-law, and he was able to buy Rachel the beautiful Jerusalem of Gold jewels. From archaeological findings the assumption is that it was a crown made of gold and stones. Jerusalem of Gold has become an icon in the Jewish World; an icon representing beauty, love, Torah studies, and especially Jerusalem’s role as a center for both the Jewish world and Jews as individuals.

In my design Jerusalem is in the middle while on both sides a dialogue between Abraham and Issac on one side and the High prist with the Menorah on the other side next to a big Shofar.

The crown opens into a necklace:
Jerusalem of gold on neck

Sterling Silver, 12" x 1"


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