Avi Biran


"Blessed art thou, O Lord, who makest a distinction between the sacred and the profane." (Havdala Ceremony)
Open spice box Spice box

Copyright 1990 by Avi Biran

Centuries ago in Europe, spices were very rare and therefore very expensive. They were stored in the city's well-kept towers. This is one of the reasons why Jews designed spice containers that look like towers. Today, spices are common and no longer kept in towers. The only smells left at those towers are from garbage lying near them. I took the shape of a garbage container that gave it a good smell instead of bad. This brings a mundane symbol from the profane side closer to the border distinguishing it from the sacred.

Sterling Silver (black oxidation), Rubber, 1.5" x 1.5" x 3"

Silver or gold plated cart


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