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Email from G-d Mezuzah

Copyright 2001 by Avi Biran

A mezuzah holder can have any form, it is the parchment inside that empowers it. This Mezuzah holder is in the shape of a computer with screen and keyboard. The keyboard has four keys, three show the letters: 'Shin', 'Dalet', 'Yod' ('Shadai' - Israel Door Keeper, one of G-d's names). While touching the letters we pray and connect to G-d. His reply is the text on the parchment inside. When the 'Enter' key is kissed you are entitled to enter through the door. In effect, the Mezuzah affords protection which can be likened to an anti-virus shield. Note that the text on the "screen" is illustrative only. The authentic text is the one on the parchment inside the Mezuzah.

Sterling Silver, Laminated colored paper, 2 1/4" x 4 3/4" x 3/4"

$ 1,190 (Parchment not included).

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