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(Noise Maker)

"...I have given Haman's property to Esther, and he has been hanged on the tree for sending his hand against the Jews..."

(Esther 8:7)

Broken-neck Haman Broken-neck Haman
Bottom look

Copyright 2000 by Avi Biran

Broken-neck Haman is banging his head from side to side like a stubborn person saying 'No' all the time. His hands are in a surrender position and bang on Haman's missing ears (which are on the Jewish Purim's plate as Haman's ear-shaped cookies). The noise of the grogger comes from Haman banging his head and from his loosely hanging bare feet banging against his wooden robe, a far cry from the royal robes he used to wear.

Mahogani wood, Brass

6" x 3" x 15"


Broken-neck Haman
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